Blown Away Sanitation Services

Whether you operate a bank, grocery store, or pharmacy, you want your customers to know they are stepping into a safe, sanitary environment. We understand that.

Our mission during this time is to apply our quality services towards restoring consumer confidence in the places we serve.

How? Our porter, sweeping, and pressure washing services play a key role in creating and maintaining sanitized environments for businesses providing essential services and the communities they serve.

We continue to serve
Blown Away Porter trucks

1. On-Site Sanitation Services

Providing on-site sanitation services for commercial properties, porter services remove trash, empty common area garbage bins, and much more! Porter services make facilities more comfortable, cleaner, and safer for employees, clients, and guests.

Blown Away Power Sweeping

2. Industry's Best Equipment

Collecting more than 150 yards of waste material each night, our sweeping division uses the industry’s best equipment to promote the health, cleanliness, and safety of shared outdoor areas.

3. Industry Safety Practices

Blown Away’s commercial pressure washing disinfects exterior surfaces using industry safety practices, hot water (190ºF or more), and EPA-registered disinfectants approved by the CDC as a Coronavirus-fighting product.

Guides & Resources

We are continuously monitoring updates concerning COVID-19, and you can count on us to communicate the impacts of new information as they are determined. The steps being taken to protect our team and our clients will not impede our ability to continue to meet our clients’ needs.