Recycling Asphalt

100% Recycled Asphalt

It’s not widely known, but asphalt concrete is 100 percent recyclable. Less than 1 percent of used asphalt concrete in the US is not recycled, according to a survey from 2011 by the Federal Highway Administration And National Asphalt Pavement Association. The asphalt industry is the country’s number one recycler of it’s materials.

There are three different categories of recyclable material.

1 – Asphalt millings – When a parking lot or street needs to be completely resurfaced, the current material will be grind down mechanically. This is called milling. This material can be reconstituted into new fresh asphalt.

2 – Blacktop Cookies – These are created with leftover virgin hot-mix that has yet to be compacted. The material is formed into approximated 20-25 lb chucks and left to cool, to be later used in quick pothole repair patches.

3 – Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement – When any repairs are done to roadways, potholes or driveways, this are the very large chucks that are left. These are generally the hardest to reuse due to how compacted they are.

Here at Blown Away, all extra or leftover asphalt is recycled. We go out of our way to make sure we take advantage of all materials that we have left, before and after a project.