What Are Potholes – A Brief Introduction

The majority of drivers today know what potholes are because they’ve experienced them at some point while driving down a city street, in their neighborhood, on the interstate or other highway, or any other road. These experiences are typically not positive memories for any driver. Potholes can cause serious damage to any vehicle and can create dangerous situations for drivers as well when trying to avoid them or by losing control after hitting them.

Potholes Defined

Potholes are places or spots on roads where the structural integrity of an area has failed or been compromised, leaving an uneven surface or “hole” in the pavement or roadway.

Wikipedia and Dictionary.com define “pothole” as the following:
pot-hole [pot-hohl] noun
1. a deep hole; pit.
2. a hole formed in pavement, as by excessive use or by extremes of weather.
3. a more or less cylindrical hole formed in rock by the grinding action of the detrital material in eddying water.
4. a cave opening vertically from the ground surface.

Potholes come in all shapes, sizes, and depths. These variations in size, depth, and location help determine the type of Pothole that it is, which also affects the method of repair that will be required to correct the damage in the most effective manner. Learn more about the different types of potholes and repair methods.

Different Types of Pothole Repair

The amount of damage to the structural integrity of the road can vary quite a bit from one pothole to another. These variations affect the type of repair that will be required in order to correct the damage. The different types of pothole repair that we provide are as follows; normal pothole repairbird bath repairseam repairstormwater drain repair, and oil spot repair. Like previously mentioned, the type of repair required directly depends on the location, size, depth and nature of the damaged area.

Where Potholes Most Commonly Appear

Potholes most commonly appear in urban areas on city streets or in other areas where the road, pavement, or street receives regular traffic from motor vehicles. Although potholes are most common on city streets they can really appear on just about any road, street, highway, or any other roadway.

What Causes a Pothole?

There are many reasons why a pothole may exist but here are some of the most common reasons that potholes form.
a. Improper roadway construction or compaction.
b. Excessive or frequent use over a problematic area.
c. Poor maintenance.
d. Improper road or pothole repairs.
e. Shifting in the earth, ground or surface area.
f. Extreme or unnatural weather conditions.
g. Material composition of the roadway or street.
h. Age.

Need a Pothole Repair?

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