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The amount of damage to the structural integrity of the road can vary from one pothole to another. We can help you determine the type of repair and make sure the repair lasts. We provide a complete range of pothole repair services and ensure that your parking lot is safe and beautiful.

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Different Pothole Types

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Normal Pothole

Normal potholes occur due to natural movement of the ground beneath. This happens when asphalt fails and damage goes down to the base rock.

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Seam Pothole

Seam potholes occur along a crack where two adjoining areas are not level with each other. If a seam is left in disrepair it can lead to water penetration.

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Bird Bath Pothole

Bird bath potholes are indented areas in asphalt. They typically form because of movement in the ground beneath.

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Stormwater Drain Pothole

Stormwater drain potholes occur when cracking and normal wear around stormwater drains are not treated.

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Oil Spot Pothole

Oil spot potholes are caused by oil leaking from vehicles. The oil deteriorates the asphalt and breaks it down, causing damage.

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Potholes Repair Gallery

Check out our team hard at work repairing different types of potholes. There are two distinct ways to repair asphalt and fill in potholes. If you have questions about any of these photos, please contact us and we’d be happy to explain the process.

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